Dermafrac Skin Rejuvenation


Dermafrac Skin Rejuvenation
Raleigh, NC

Dermafrac is a sensational new treatment combining crystal free microdermabrasion with micro-needling and deep tissue infusion.  

With no downtime, this progressive aesthetic treatment is  used to target many skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage,  open pores, congested skin, mild acne scaring, and dry dehydrated skin.

​Dermafrac uses 180 superfine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to plump, firm and smooth the skin. As the roller creates the micro channels in your skin, the Dermafrac system infuses  serum under your skin. This allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into skin where they are most needed. 

There is no bruising and minimum redness following the procedure.

Skin will be radiant, smoother, have a more refined texture/tone, pores will be smaller, lines/wrinkles will be finer and even scars can appear faded. 

After a few treatments only you will notice an even skin tone and a younger appearing face . 

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