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Bio-fillers give you volume and provide structural lifting

Bio-fillers are fillers that use your own Plasma (so they are autologous). Think of it as your own custom made filler from your own cells and therefore safe. In addition they decrease the chance of allergic reactions and other side effects. They can be used to erase wrinkles, enhance cheeks, or fill your folds. By using your natural blood products, the is little risk of allergic reaction or rejection, and unlike regular fillers, Autologous bio-fillers have rejuvenating properties to reduce skin redness and irritation and build more collagen and strengthen the skin.

Bio-fillers offer the same immediate results as chemical fillers, but with less swelling from inflammation and improved outcome over time. Additionally, Collagen production starts within days. The injected bio-filler will be naturally and completely absorbed within a few months. The benefits of bio-fillers versus chemical fillers is the longer lasting effects of bio-fillers, which can be up to 2 years.

The technology comes from Italy and we have been using it successfully to enhance the duration of fillers (combination) and introduce the effect of stem cells and PRP to the areas treated. we get larger volumes for application, reduce the cost of treatment per units used and improve the outcome drastically.

How do we do it?

We draw the patient blood in to small tubes

We separate the blood component and keep only the platelet serum ,PRP and stem cells.

We then use a special equipment in our lab and your own Bio-filler is ready in 25 minutes

It is then mixed with PRP(platelet Rich Plasma) and a small quantity Hyaluronic acid if needed, then injected

Typical Cost $ 1000 per 2cc of bio-fillers