Conditions Treated

If you suffer from any of these ailments, we may be able to help you.


Depending on the scaring and the oily activity, we regulate the hormonal imbalance causing the problem, and correct scaring. Most patients are then placed on a simple but strong regimen of PCA products. Follow up Dermafrac for cleaning the skin and removing dead cells is done 3-4 times 4 weeks apart.


We address hormonal needs based on NIH research. We do not use numbers to gauge people’s health rather, we maximize their well being. Then we address the esthetics portion often with Platelet rich plasma, Botox, PDO even fillers to enhance their beauty and regain balanced features of their youth. to enhance their beauty and regain balanced features of their youth.

Burn /scars

When patients have experienced a burn with resulting scars or just scaring from an injury or surgery, it is possible and very effective to use PRP full of stem cells and growth factors to heal and reduce the appearance and increase the elasticity of the damaged tissue treated.


Many patients followed by traditional medical care do not seem to improve with treatment. Namely Hypothyroid patients, with Chronic fatigue who may feel depressed, gain weight and struggle to find energy.


Crepey skin

With loss of Collagen strength and elasticity from sun damage or aging or other reasons, the neck is visibly affected. In our office we use advanced PRP injections, IPL-Laser and or PDO threads to tighten and reset the neck to its youthful charm and appearance. We also use a combination of Sculptra and PRP unique to our office research and protocols to rebuild the tissue.

Crows feet

When the orbicularis muscle (very thin muscle around the eyes) tenses the loss of Collagen around the eyes show the rhytids (small wrinkles) more readily. Neuromodulators (dysport and such) are used to reduce the rhytids for 3-5 months. We also use PRP and PDO smooth threads in certain patients to improve the look more drastically and heal naturally.

Decreased libido

Be it in women or men, aside from normal aging, we investigate hormonal balances and existing pathologies to improve the issues encountered. Our treatment varies from Testosterone replacement via our ABHRT (advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) to nitric oxide supplementation and PRP injections. Our results are very encouraging in many failed traditional approaches.

Dry skin:

Whether it is an occupational problem or simple habitual negligence. Our approach includes Dermafrac treatments, PCA peels, PRP facials, and Hyaluronic acid replacement

Erectile dysfunction:

When working with this concern, Dr Nacouzi does a full comprehensive approach to understand the issues at hand and eliminate root problems. We analyze hormones at a specialized facility to

prevent erroneous results seen with traditional lab methods. Our patient Testosterone is maximized along with their PDE-5 inhibitors (Cialis and others), Nitric oxide and then PRP. Often we resort to Transcutaneous low intensity shock wave therapy (GAINSWave )